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Biker  by  Jane Gallion

Biker by Jane Gallion
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EROTIC SCI-FI AS A LONE WOMAN BIKER CRUISES A DEVISTATED U.S. LOOKING FOR LOVE IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES!  The U.S.A. become a wasteland of destruction in the aftermath of a savage civil war. Brutal biker gangs infest the cities and roam the wilderness, taking what they want, destroying whatever they touch, doing as they please with the helpless.

To these men, women are property, and anything goes. But when one woman is captured, she survives gang rape, refuses to be used. Instead, she escapes , steals an unguarded bike and runs  in search of freedom, vengeance - and a love she cant bring herself to believe in but cant quite give up. I loved it! Theodore Sturgeon

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